Brabantia Clothes Peg Bag

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Brabantia Clothes Peg Bag
£6.73 £10.79

  • Beautifully Designed Product Concepts
  • Board Covers that fit to perfection
  • Slick Design with a clean finish
  • Highest Quality Materials
Now putting out your washing will be a pleasure with This product. Its strong weatherproof construction and rugged carabiner hook make it easy to fasten to your belt or the washing line. There is even a drainage hole just in case you forget to take This product indoors!
  • Always clean and secure with a tight closing drawstring
  • Drainage hole to prevent moisure build up
  • Can also attach to your belt
  • Strong carabiner to hook to your line
  • Please note: Pegs are not included!
Technical Specifications
Brand Brabantia
Guarantee Length 1 Year