Hills Airdry 3 Arm 30m Rotary Clothes Dryer

Product Code: HILLS-AIRDRY30-LC
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Hills Airdry 3 Arm 30m Rotary Clothes Dryer
£31.50 £40.00

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Hills are known for rugged and long lasting outdoor clothes dryers and This product is no exception. The strong easy clean line and easy to raise and lower control makes this an ideal family rotary clothes line.
  • Strong easy to clean lines, Easy to raise and lower. 1 full wash load
  • 1.8m tall, 32mm diameter main support pole.
  • 3 Arm 30m, 2.1m turning diameter
  • Ideal for medium sized family wash
  • Weatherproof and durable galvanised steel construction
Technical Specifications
Brand Hills
Capacity 30m
Guarantee Length 2 Years
Height 1.82m
Turning Circle 2.1m