Ironing Board Covers

When choosing an ironing board cover you should first of all measure the length and width of your ironing table.

Some manufacturers do show a measurement on the board but we find that it is good practice to measure yourself with a standard measuring tape.

You can now choose a cover which is higher or equal to these measurements in size. So for example, if you measured 138cm by 42cm you can now choose a size 5 cover which measures 145cm by 45cm. The cover comes with an easy to fit and tighten drawstring system which allows a snug tight fit on to your ironing board. Why spend money on replacing a perfectly serviceable ironing board when you can simply replace and in many cases upgrade the quality of your existing ironing board covers.

To make your ironing task easier there are a wide range of replacement ironing board covers available from stock at the Laundry Company.