Vileda SuperMocio PowerPress Bucket and Wringer

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Vileda SuperMocio PowerPress Bucket and Wringer

  • High Quality Cleaning Products
  • Long Lasting and Innovative Design
  • Expert Partner for Homecare
  • Tested by FHCS Quality Assurance
This product is a Red bucket for use with SuperMocio Mops, the wringer has been designed on Bionic Technology principles. This means the wringer grabs the mop like a hand, closing all around it and squeezing it from all sides. The SuperMocio Bucket & Power Wringer is made of highly durable plastic for extreme resistance and stability qualities.
  • 40% less effort wringing system for a fast effective cleaning task
  • 25% quicker drying floors
  • Extremely durable
  • Wring without getting your hands wet
  • 10 Litre Capacity