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Laundry Company is a company owned by DF Sales based in Babdown, Gloucestershire. Don’t be shy when it comes to getting in touch with us; we would love to hear from you. You can contact us in many different ways such as; our contact form, by telephone, through letter and also through e-mail.

If in the end you choose to get in contact with us via e-mail, post or the contact form please do allow us a short period for us to get back to you as we have many e-mails and contact forms coming through every day. All queries take different amount of times to try and find a solution to and also the method of contact chosen. If you feel at any time that we are taking to long with your query please call us on the number stated below.

Unit 5,
Babdown Airfield,
GL8 8YL,
Tel: 0117 330 2277,

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