Vileda Ultramax EasyWring Mop Set

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Vileda Ultramax EasyWring Mop Set

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This product thoroughly cleans and dries your floors. This is because the bucket has a special mechanical foot pedal which rotates the wringer cage. Depending on the amount of pressure applied to the foot pedal, the wringer cage can rotates between 500 to 1000 times a minute. This way you can control the desired mop dampness dependant on the type of floor. The pivotable head also means it is ideal to clean underneath furniture.
  • A microfibre flat mop and a bucket with a foot pedal operated wringer
  • Suitable for all hard floor surfaces even wood and laminate
  • Designed funnel for easier mop insertion and prevents water from splashing out
  • Durable foot pedal for optimal mop wringing and humidity control
  • 3 piece telescopic handle for height adjustment