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Multi Recycle Segment Kitchen Recycling Bins

Laundry Company multi compartment recycling bins will make it easier for you to recycle your home waste. You can choose from duo (2 internal bins) or trio (3 internal bins) options. Choose a size of recycling bin that fits in with your requirements and remember that 2 inner bins will be larger in individual capacity than 3 inner bins, however your overall recycling capacity will remain the same. So if, for example, your local council separates into cardboard/glass and plastics then a duo recycling bin will be best for you. For a busy family and to avoid regular emptying, then a 60 litre recycling bin is your best bet. If you need to carefully recycle your home waste in a more compact and bijoux environment, then the Hailo recycling bins are a perfect option. And for outdoor and out of the way recycling such as in a garage or utility room, then our plastic recycling bins will prove ideal.Waste separation and recycling suggestions: Check out your nearest recycling centre to discover what materials they can handle for recycling, then simply arrange your bins accordingly. Look into the Laundry Company selection of waste separation bins or if it you prefer locate individual rubbish bins beside one another and separate waste materials your own way. Choose tie-string plastic bags to store materials for recycling. Paper bags can leak and rip easily. Try to utilise smaller containers, that are lighter to lift when full. Clearly label your recycling bins in order to separate waste correctly. Wash bottles and tins before dropping into the recycling bin to reduce the chances of flies. Place a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your letter box – you’ll help reduce your rubbish dramatically. Join the Freecycle movement. This ‘free cycle’ of goods keeps lots of useful stuff out of landfill sites and is about thinking globally and recycling locally.