Multi Coloured Bedroom and Bathroom Mats And Rugs

Simply fitting or replacing an existing bathroom or bedroom rug can prove to be a relatively inexpensive way to quickly and easily renovate the most important rooms in your home and our beautiful and practical multi coloured bathroom and bedroom mats and rugs are made to order from top German manufacturers to ensure premium colour retention and the very best in wear and quality. Every one of our bathroom mats is manufactured with the greatest degree of attention. Our bathroom mats are distinguished by their high quality. Each piece responds to the challenges of daily use with solid longevity. More and more, our products are also meeting the highest levels of environmental friendliness. Ecologically safe methods and recycled materials are important parts of our manufacturing processes. We recommend regular, careful shaking of your mat in order to free it of dust and loosen the pile, which will then stand upright again. Avoid completely soaking your mat and make sure you dry it thoroughly after use. In order to maintain the voluminous appearance of the pile, please wash your bath mat by machine separately from other items. Select a gentle wash programme at the temperature stated in the care instructions with the highest water level setting and make sure you use a high-quality detergent. Our bath mats can eighter be machine dried at a low temperature or ideally dried flat on a drying rack. Drying on a radiator or with any other source of direct heat can damage the backing coating. You should clean your washing machine's fluff filter before and after every wash. We recommend that you wash cotton bath carpets in a pillow case in order to catch the maximum amount of cotton fluff. A final tip: please wash all parts of a set toghether in order to avoid uneven lightening. Naturally our bath mats are suitable for use on heated floors.